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    What to Expect from the Aviation Sustainability Seminar 27 July, 2021 Despite the distraction of Covid-19, the environment remains high on the global agenda and is no longer a topic that can be ignored. With a significant push towards greener and more sustainable solutions across all aspects of life, sustainability is vital for the future of the aviation industry. Read More >
    Saab makes London City Airport the first major British operator of long-haul air traffic control 21 July, 2021 Technology from Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions has enabled London City Airport to become the first major international airport in the world to be fully controlled by a digital tower for remote air traffic control. Read More >
    COLA: Fatigue study on the impact of pandemics on air traffic controllers’ work situation 14 July, 2021 A research study is currently underway where LFV is conducting fatigue studies on various shift rotations and exploring Covid-related impacts on the work situation of air traffic controllers. Read More >
    Aircraft noise easier to measure during the pandemic 8 July, 2021 LFV recently participated in a research project at KTH. In less than 3 hours, 18 flights were made where noise was measured using microphones next to the runway. Read More >
    Avinor Air Navigation Services Choose Combitech AWOS Software 27 April, 2021 Avinor Air Navigation Services choose AWOS software as their automatic weather observation system. Read More >
    LFV streamlines Nordic air traffic services 20 April, 2021 LFV has been providing new technical services to air navigation service providers in Iceland (Isavia) and Denmark (Naviair). These services streamline their production of flight information and are the result of successful Nordic cooperation Read More >
    Large reduction in air traffic in 2020 as a result of the pandemic 12 April, 2021 Air traffic in Swedish airspace decreased by 57 percent in 2020 as a direct result of the pandemic. The number of flights last year was 332,000, compared with 774,000 in 2019. Read More >
    LFV & Vattenfall collaborate on fossil free airport 25 February, 2021 LFV and Vattenfall are now initiating a research collaboration that involves further steps towards a fossil-free transport sector. The starting point will be the new research arena LARC (LFV Aviation Research Center) at the airport in Örnsköldsvik. Read More >
    LFV & IBM Investigate the use of Artificial Intelligence for Swedish Air Traffic Control 14 December, 2020 In the joint research project Advanced Autoplanner, LFV and IBM are investigating the possibility of using AI (Artificial Intelligence) for increased automation of more complex tasks in air traffic control. Read More >
    Nordic MRO strengthens its core values through IT and digital development 10 December, 2020 At the end of October, Nordic MRO launched their new website, as a part of their new IT and marketing strategy. Unlike many other companies in aviation, they have decided to use the slow market to develop their company across all borders. Read More >