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Membership Opportunities

The Swedish Aviation Group (SAG) is dedicated to promoting the Swedish aviation industry to help drive export business both nationally and internationally.

By being a member, you would be part of this drive and also benefit by not just a closer relationship with the Swedish Aviation Group but by having access to other membership opportunities including:

Swedish Aviation Group Membership

Organised SAG member network meetings with a focus on business networking and global market trend analysis – see example keynote speakers on our events page >


Organised SAG seminars that provide up to date insights in relevant areas of the aviation industry.


Coordinated marketing events such as conferences, air shows and exhibitions to market member companies.


The use of the SAG logo within your website and communication tools.


Dedicated content on the SAG website for your business.


Opportunity to feed your business news onto the SAG website – gain awareness and help your own organic search engine optimisation.


Supporting the Swedish aviation industry in general – your membership and sponsorship will be used to promote the industry as a whole.


Coverage of your business and news within SAG communications.


* For larger activities such as international exhibitions there is a sponsorship fee for those that would like to be directly involved.


“For ESP Sweden, an advantage of being a SAG member, in addition to the collaboration in market related activities such as seminars and exhibitions, is the exposure we get by being present on SAG’s website. We have received several quotation requests through the SAG website, some of which have resulted in good quality projects”

Leif Pettersson, General Manager, ESP Sweden

Becoming an SAG Member

SAG Membership

If your business has aims to be a core part of the Swedish aviation industry with national and international growth we believe you will feel the benefits of being a member.

Membership costs 7,500 SEK per year.

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Fund Utilisation

As a not-for-profit organisation funding raised through membership, partnership, sponsorship and advertising is reinvested directly into the promotion of Swedish Aviation Group members and the Swedish aviation industry as a whole. We source our members opinions and needs to ensure funds are used in areas that fit their business aims.

Core networking and knowledge share events are included within the cost of membership, where we need to reach out to members for further optional funding is related to larger exhibitions or marketing activities. As a larger event sponsor, you would receive increased visual exposure and access.

Swedish Aviation Group Membership
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Swedish Aviation Membership

SAG Membership

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