The government gives LFV increased responsibility for unmanned aviation and extends the director general’s appointment


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LFV’s scope of responsibility was extended on February 1st, which now includes the provision of information and services to support unmanned aviation. Ann Persson Griva, LFV’s director general, also had her appointment extended by a further three years to 31 March 2026.

“Being able to lead the authority that is responsible for providing a safe, efficient and environmentally friendly air traffic service is an important social mission. Like the entire aviation industry, we at LFV are also facing a future marked by new conditions. I am proud and happy about the opportunity to continue as general manager.

“In recent years, the state of the world, the pace of technological development and the force of climate change have affected the entire aviation sector and the air traffic services for which we are responsible. We are now entering an exciting time. On the one hand, I see that we, as a provider of air traffic services for civil and military aviation, have an important role in building a functional total defence, and on the other hand, we have now been given a new priority task of providing services for planning and executing flights for unmanned aviation. I am really looking forward to leading LFV into this new era,” says Ann Persson Grivas, director general of LFV.

With these new responsibilities, the CAA’s main tasks will be to provide a safe, efficient and environmentally friendly air traffic service for civil and military aviation as well as services for unmanned aviation. This involves enabling unmanned aviation to an even greater extent in the lower parts of the Swedish airspace without compromising flight safety. These services will be provided to critical operators, commercial drone operators as well as hobby users with a focus on maintaining public and aviation safety. With these services, LFV can continue to improve important transport and services with the help of drones.

A continued vote of confidence was awarded to LFV’s director general, who saw her appointment extended for a further three years. Ann Persson Grivas took up her post as head of the authority on 1st April 2017 and has since led LFV’s development for six years. With the extension of her term, there is continued focus on providing robust, sustainable and future-oriented air traffic services for civil and military aviation.

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