New SAG Member: Welcome Skellefteå Airport

The Swedish Aviation Group (SAG) is happy to announce the latest addition to its community: Skellefteå Airport. Hosting an annual passenger volume of approximately 350,000, it is cited as one of Sweden’s largest regional airports. SAG is honoured to showcase Skellefteå Airport. 

Skellefteå Airport has developed into an essential transportation hub in Sweden, aligning itself in a pivotal role to support the countries green transition. This ongoing effort has enabled the airport to earn its notable position on the global stage as a sustainable aviation pioneer.

Home to the world’s most powerful charging infrastructure for electric aircraft, Skellefteå Airport has paved the way for the Green Flight Academy, an international flight training institution which is committed to sustainability. This allows for the majority of their training to be conducted using electric aircrafts, which makes Skellefteå Airport one of the top three airports for electric aircraft take-offs and landings in the world.

In addition to this, Skellefteå Airport remains focused on a variety of fossil-free aviation projects. Boasting initiatives such as the development of hydrogen powered flight, drones, and EVTOL (Electric Vertical Take-Odd and Landing) technology as part of the regional ELIS programme. This is run in close partnership with airlines, energy companies, academia and private businesses.

Skellefteå Airport is helping lead the way towards a more sustainable aviation industry through innovation and collaboration on both regional and global scales.

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