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About Swedish Aviation Group

The member companies of Swedish Aviation Group (SAG) have the ambition to cover the complete aviation industry with state-of-the-art solutions and services.

The main focuses for SAG today are to cover Airline and Helicopter operations, maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) as well as Airport Development and Operation. With this said, we are of course, open to all companies who engage in the aviation business and are more than willing to open up for new focus areas.

Within Airline and Helicopter Operations you will find companies covering aircraft, helicopter and engine maintenance and overhaul. Other areas are Air Traffic Management, consultancy and training.

Within Airport development and operation, you will find companies engaged in services, consultancy as well as operations (Air Navigation and Airport) and in technical solutions/products.

The aim is, for both groups to identify business opportunities and to cooperate in attracting customers. Ultimately, to secure new contracts to a company or in partnership between several companies. The activities within each group can differ depending on current situation on the respective market as well as within the group.

Each of the two groups will form their agenda with activities as well as sharing activities between themselves.

As the aviation business is facing challenges, today and in the future, SAG is offering an important knowledge sharing platform when it comes to new procedures, techniques and sustainable solutions.

Swedish Aviation

Key Missions for SAG

Aviation 01.

Drive networking and connectivity between Swedish national and international aviation businesses.

Aviation 02.

Effectively share industry knowledge and analysis between SAG members.

Aviation 03.

Act as a platform for partnerships and joint ventures in specific projects.

Aviation 04.

Act as a connection organisation for aviation prospects to reach the Swedish aviation industry.

Aviation 05.

To offer competitive and high quality solutions to the national and international aviation industry.

SAG Board Members

SAG Members Maria Wall Petrini Chairman, LFV Aviation Consulting
SAG Members Lars-Åke Ottoson Secretary, SAG
SAG Members Thomas Nord Sweco Sverige AB
SAG Members Leif Pettersson ESP Sweden AB
SAG Members Christan Larsson Aviseq Critical Communication AB
SAG Members Mattias Beckman BOW Arkitekter AB
SAG Members Stefan Matts SiATM AB
SAG Members Jens Redeborn Combitech AB
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