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About Swedish Aviation Group

The Swedish Aviation Group (SAG) is a member organisation that is unique in supporting the Swedish aviation industry to develop national and international business alongside developing industry knowledge networks. By collaborating with SAG you have the opportunity to integrate into regional aviation expertise networks and to gain an understanding of the Swedish aviation market and how that fits within the global aviation industry.

As a SAG member you will have the opportunity to offer increased and broader solutions to your customers and prospects. Key aims for SAG are to drive online presence, exhibition attendance, networking seminars and knowledge share – together for the benefit of our member companies. We encourage project share and technology or service solution collaboration.

The Swedish Aviation Group (SAG) is a not-for-profit organisation run by an annually voted board that come from SAG membership. Our team pools together decades of industry knowledge and expertise alongside a passion for the industry.”

Swedish Aviation

Key Missions for SAG

Aviation 01.

Drive networking and connectivity between Swedish national and international aviation businesses.

Aviation 02.

Effectively share industry knowledge and analysis between SAG members.

Aviation 03.

Act as a platform for partnerships and joint ventures in specific projects.

Aviation 04.

Act as a connection organisation for aviation prospects to reach the Swedish aviation industry.


SAG Board Members

Maria Wall Petrini Chairman, LFV
Lars-Åke Ottoson Secretary, SAG
Natanael Ljung Pontarius
Thomas Nord Sweco Structures
Sune Larsson Telair International
Leif Pettersson ESP Sweden AB
Lisa Hällbrink Nordic MRO

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