Si ATM’s headquarters are situated in Sundbyberg, Sweden and the company was founded 1981. The company is focused on provision of Air Traffic Control related products and services to Air Navigation Service Providers, Civil Aviation Authorities and Aviation Training institutes around the world. We provide proven operational full-scale ATC systems as well as simulators used for training, prototyping and concept development. Today Si ATM has several reference installations around the world and recently we established a demo and research center in Indonesia for activities in the Asia/Pacific region. Si ATM’s concept consists of:
  • ATMSys, a complete operational ATC system for Area, Approach and Tower Control
  • ATCSim, a simulator for advanced training of Air Traffic Controllers.
  • TSim, a 3D-Tower Simulator
  • BasSim, a simulator for basic training of Air Traffic Controllers
  • CNSATMProt, a CNS/ATM Simulator for prototyping of new procedures and working methods
  • OLDISimSys for testing of OLDI connections.
  • SDPS, a stand-alone radar data processing system with centralised multi radar tracking MRT
  • FDPS, a flight plan data processing system to flexibly fit into varying ATM environments and
  • TRAS, a tool for analysis and evaluation of radar data and tracker systems
All products have been approved and are in operational use. In addition to our ATC products, we also offer Services – using our long experience of ATM know-how and skills. Many years working as leading consultants in complex technical ATC projects have given us a unique position within this area. As an ISO 9001:2000 certified company we have developed extensive Quality Assurance procedures. However we regard the biggest proof of our quality is the number of successful projects and satisfied returning customers.
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