Skellefteå Airport

Skellefteå Airport

Skellefteå Airport is one of Sweden’s largest regional airports with an annual passenger volume of approximately 350,000 travellers.

Skellefteå Airport is today one of the most important transport nodes in Skellefteå to cope with the green transition in northern Sweden.  The cooperation across borders has also given the airport an important position in Europe and the world as a sustainable airport.

At Skellefteå Airport today there is the world’s most powerful charging infrastructure for electric aircraft, which meant that the sustainable flight school Green Flight Academy established an international flight training. This training is largely carried out with electric aircraft, which means that Skellefteå Airport is today one of the three airports in the world where most take-offs and landings with electric aircraft are carried out.

In addition to investments in electric aircraft, several projects for fossil-free aviation are carried out in Skellefteå. Development of Hydrogen flight as well as drones and EVTOL takes place within the regional ELIS program in partnership with airlines, energy companies, academia and private businesses.

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