Nordic MRO strengthens its core values through IT and digital development

At the end of October, Nordic MRO launched their new website, as a part of their new IT and marketing strategy. Unlike many other companies in aviation, they have decided to use the slow market to develop their company across all borders.

“The launch of the new website is only a fraction of what we are doing,” says CEO Lisa Hällbrink. “However, it represents a lot, from our strong focus on IT and digitalization, to our approach of talking to both customers and employees. We hope that the new website does not only show a more modern and value driven organization to our customers, but also to our future talents.”

As with the website, the Nordic MRO LinkedIn page follows in the same direction. The content is broad, but with an optimistic view on the future that is aimed at enabling and connecting with customers. The change has mainly been appreciated, but it has not been without critique.

“There has been questioning whether it was a good idea to launch a digital communications strategy at this point. I have been told that during times of crisis it is better to keep a low profile and focus on the core business, but I simply do not agree. We are using these unprecedented times to develop our company into its full potential. One does not back their way out of a crisis, but rather by pushing through and change what needs to be changed. For us, our marketing was one thing that needed to change, and right now digital marketing is the absolute right strategy. The IT structure and employee management are two other focus areas, in which we believe aviation in general has a lot to learn from other industries,” says AM and co-owner Kjell Andersson.

The IT and sustainability strategies are two of the most important development areas for Nordic MRO. The IT is focused on adapting the business and its procedures to a digital era, whilst the sustainability focuses on all three aspects of sustainable development (environmental, social, and economic) where environment care and employee management are cornerstones in the development.

The initiatives are driven by Lisa Hällbrink together with the system developer Victor Andersson and operations developer Jenny Almgren.

You can find the Nordic MRO website here, and the Nordic MRO LinkedIn page here.

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