LFV Subsidiary To Provide Air Traffic Management for Sweden’s New Airport

In December, a member of the Swedish Aviation Group, LFV, was part of the inauguration of Sweden’s first new airport in 20 years, Scandinavian Mountain Airport in Sälen. This will make Sweden’s largest skiing region more accessible to tourists. SDATS, a joint venture by LFV and Saab, will supply remoter tower services, RTS, to the airport.

“We congratulate the airport, its owners and the region on having Sweden’s newest airport. They have invested in a modern airport that will create opportunities for more people to experience the mountains of Sälen and Trysil. Establishing a new airport is a major undertaking, but here we see the result – an airport with smart solutions – of efficient and close collaboration between all the stakeholders. Thanks to all who have contributed to our deliveries” says Ann Persson Grivas, Director General of LFV.

LFV has supplied the airport with infrastructure while SDATS, Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions, will establish air traffic management. Scandinavian Mountains Airport will be remotely controlled from SDATS’ control centre in Sundsvall.

“The airport will be the fourth in Sweden to be controlled from the control centre in Sundsvall. This is an airport dominated by charter flights, and it will initially receive traffic three days a week. We deliver a new concept, ‘RTS on demand’, which allows the airport to choose for itself when and to what extent it needs our services,” says Per Ahl, CEO of SDATS.

“Digitisation of air traffic control is a concept that is spreading across the world. Germany, the United Kingdom and Norway have all got on board after Sweden. This way of making air traffic services more efficient has generated a great deal of interest throughout the airline industry,” Per Ahl notes.

Article Source: LFV

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