LFV rewards PhD student at Linköping University

Every year LFV awards an incentive scholarship to a student or employee at Linköping University. In 2015 it was awarded to Åsa Svensson.

Last year Åsa Svensson worked on developing a method for collecting operative data with the help of eye tracking, meaning that eye movements are recorded and then analysed at different levels of detail. “This is the first time that the incentive scholarship is given to a PhD student.  Åsa’s work has contributed significantly to the development of an innovative method with great potential, so the scholarship is well deserved,” says Ulf Thibblin, Director, System and Development at LFV. “It’s really interesting to work with LFV and there is great potential for developing the design of the work environment as well as training. We have worked with overflight traffic, arriving flights and the tower environment,” says Åsa. LFV operates air traffic services at 23 airports and two control centres. LFV’s 800 air traffic controllers handle around 2,000 flights every day and are responsible for the safety and efficiency of each flight. Advanced system support, including radar installations and air traffic controllers’ display screens, is required to maintain everyday operations. Many of LFV’s 120 engineers work in this area.  LFV also conducts research and development into the future of air traffic management services. This is carried out in collaboration with the university as well as in several European cooperation Projects. “Flight is global, technically advanced and exciting. This makes LFV a very interesting place to work at for talented students, researchers and engineers,” says Ulf Thibblin. For more information please contact the LFV press service on +46 11 19 20 50. Information about LFV • LFV offers air traffic management, air traffic services and related services, both nationally and internationally. • LFV is involved in developing European airspace through its cooperation in various alliances and organisations. •LFV is developing new services and operational concepts in order to meet the ever greater requirements for capacity, accessibility and sustainability. • LFV was first in the world to introduce operational approval for remotely operated air traffic control. Since April 2015, LFV employees in Sundsvall have been controlling air traffic at Örnsköldsvik Airport. • LFV has 1,200 employees and has an annual turnover of SEK 2.6 billion.
 fb_img_1452517407473Åsa Svensson.

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