LFV Remote Traffic Control (RTC) Centre Stockholm Completed

Remote Traffic ControlThe world’s largest Remote Traffic Control (RTC) Center is now complete. Based in Stockholm, LFV’s new center will be remotely managing air traffic control for the airports of Kiruna, Östersund, Malmö and Umeå in Sweden.

Utilising advanced cameras on masts at the physical airport locations a team of specialists based in Stockholm can operate air traffic control remotely utilising video feed and integrated monitor solutions as if they were in a traditional tower located at the airport. By pooling resources across the four airports at one geographical location a larger set of skills and expertise is available, sharing costs and therefore improving efficiency. Based at the RTC is also an advanced simulator for training, a prerequisite that is already in place.

LFV has been operating RTC’s since 2015 in a world’s first scenario with the Örnsköldsvik Airport being run remotely from the Sundsvall RTC center in Sweden. Since then the same RTC has been operating the Sundsvall-Timrå airport, adopting the same system.

The first remotely controlled airport outside of Sweden came in 2018 with Cranfield Airport in the United Kingdom and then Saarbrucken Airport in Germany. Since then further remote airports have been opened in Sweden and Norway.

Article Source: LFV

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