LFV streamlines Nordic air traffic services

Since 15 February, SAG member, LFV has been providing new technical services to air navigation service providers in Iceland (Isavia) and Denmark (Naviair). These services streamline their production of flight information and are the result of successful Nordic cooperation.

“This is a great success for us. We have created a service that lives up to the regulatory requirements from the EU and we have taken the initiative for a collaboration with our Nordic colleagues which resulted in this unique offer of a solution that includes both technology, maintenance, training and support”, says LFV’s CEO Ann Persson Grivas.

The EU requires air navigation service providers to share costs and risks with each other. LFV has realized the goal through a modern system architecture and coordination between several different stakeholders. The Italian company IDS (Ingegneria Dei Sistemi) has developed the software which LFV then develops and resells according to the established business model SaaS – Software as a Service.

Facts about L-CAPS

Original article source: LFV

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