Icelandair Becomes First Flag Carrier Customer For Web Manuals

Web Manuals Sweden AB is celebrating a three-year deal to provide the company’s document management application Web Manuals to Icelandair. Web Manuals 4.1 Eaglerock will allow Icelandair to digitize and distribute a vast range of operational and compliance documentation to some 1,600 users throughout the airline, yielding significant savings in time and administrative costs and improved regulatory compliance. The latest version of Web Manuals’ internationally trusted application will be rolled out by Icelandair in April 2014, representing both Web Manuals’ first flag carrier customer and first airline operating from Iceland. Andri Áss Grétarsson, senior vice president of operations at Icelandair, says: “We chose Web Manuals because of the application’s functionality and user-friendly interface. The constant development and frequent changes to aviation requirements have created significant challenges in maintaining compliant documentation. Thanks to Web Manuals’ Compliance Library, these editing requirements will now be easily highlighted for our team to address.” Martin Lidgard, CEO and co-founder of Web Manuals, says: “We’re naturally thrilled Icelandair has chosen Web Manuals after an intensive eight-company tender process. With Cloud-based HTML5 technology, and an emphasis on creating a smooth user experience, the many benefits of Web Manuals include allowing documentation in electronic flight bags, airline-wide, to be swiftly updated on an ongoing basis.” For more information about this success:

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