LFV now has remote air traffic control for Sundsvall Timrå Airport

At the end of December, Sundsvall Timrå Airport in northern Sweden became the country’s second airport to have remote air traffic control. At 07.00 on 20 December, the tower was closed down and the air traffic control service was transferred to LFV’s control centre. The distance from the tower to the control centre is not very great, only about 100 metres, but nevertheless it is a paradigm and technological shift that the tower is now closed. It has been in use since the airport opened for civil aviation in 1944. “It is extremely gratifying that we now have a second airport with the technology that Saab and LFV have been developing for almost ten years and which is ground breaking for the industry. We have made use of two and a half years’ experience from Örnsköldsvik Airport in the work on Sundsvall, but every operating approval from the Swedish Transport Agency and every commissioning is unique to the individual airport,” says LFV’s Director General Ann Persson Grivas. – “It has been wonderful to see at close hand how the entire project has gone from first idea to commissioning. This has attracted great international interest in the region and has put Sundsvall Timrå Airport on the global map. What LFV has established has had extremely positive spin-offs for the airport and also for Mid Sweden University,” says Frank Olofsson, manager of Sundsvall Timrå Airport. In 2015, Örnsköldsvik Airport became Sweden’s first airport with remote air traffic control. On 21 April that year, the infrastructure minister at the time, Anna Johansson, declared LFV’s control centre in Sundsvall open. LFV’s control centre in Sundsvall has the space to operate remote air traffic control for a further three airports. The next to be finished will be Linköping City Airport. For more information, telephone LFV’s press service on 011-19 20 50. LFV is Sweden’s leading air navigation service provider with associated civil and military aviation services. LFV is also involved in developing the European airspace via joint collaboration in various forms. LFV has extensive experience of offering airline consultancy services in the international market within the air transport sector. With a focus on research and development, LFV offers smart solutions for the flights of the future. LFV is the first in the world with remote air traffic control, a brand-new way of managing air traffic, which has attracted significant attention globally. LFV has 1,100 employees and annual sales of SEK 3.4 billion. Facts about remote tower services

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