For the last 25 years Roadscanners has been developing hardware and software non-destructive technics to assess traffic infrastructures. Roadscanners offers a comprehensive package designed for the evaluation and assessment of airport infrastructure inspection, survey, mapping, monitoring and diagnostics.

These services have been evolving with the experience built through the years with airport costumers of major international airports such as Helsinki, Reykjavik or Toulouse where Roadscanners provided the assessment of the airfield infrastructures (Runways, Taxiways and Aprons). These offered solutions doesn’t disturb the air traffic and doesn’t need any walking personnel on the airfield to ensure safety and aim to reduce maintenance costs.

To achieve that, Roadscanners benefits from 3 major strengths; the Road Doctor Survey Van (RDSV) which is equipped with advanced technologies, such as GPR and LiDAR, that allows collecting of multiple parameters simultaneously. Road Doctor software, was developed by Roadscanners to get the best possible results from the collected data. Finally, Roadscanners’ experienced consulting team with an advance knowhow in the industry where consultant have from 15 to 35 years’ experience and are in charge of the data collection, processing and interpretation of the data to deliver the final results and recommendations. The major fields of  expertise are:

  • Survey and assessment of the surface
  • Examination and assessment of underlying layers
  • Optimization of maintenance by targeting a specific place in need of rehabilitation
  • Mapping of facilities underground
  • Quality control

In summary, we can detect, compile and analyze different layer thicknesses, the presence of cracks and cavities, defects, slopes, etc. and thereby assess the condition and performance of the runway at all airports. Based on that, we can put together a proposal for action.

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Contact information:

Roadscanners Sweden AB, Luleå, SWEDEN


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