What to Expect from the Aviation Sustainability Seminar

Join us in Stockholm on 5 May 2022

The SAG Aviation Sustainability Seminar will be taking place on 5 May 2022 at Sweco’s premesis Gjörwellsgatan 22 in Stockholm. Running from 13:00 to 18:00, the event will give you a chance to hear from leading aviation industry experts and learn about the latest green initiatives as we aim for a more environmentally-friendly, sustainable future.

Time for action on aviation

Despite the distraction of Covid-19, the environment remains high on the global agenda and is no longer a topic that can be ignored. With a significant push towards greener and more sustainable solutions across all aspects of life, sustainability is vital for the future of the aviation industry.

Although modern planes use 50% less fuel per flight compared to 30 years ago, the huge rise in the volume of air traffic has meant that overall emissions have increased. Improving operational and infrastructure efficiencies, using technological innovation in aircraft design, and ending the industry’s reliance on fossil fuels can all contribute significantly towards creating a greener landscape for aviation.

With talks from leading figures in the aviation industry, this is your opportunity to hear about the latest developments and technologies which will be making the industry more sustainable as we look towards a greener future.

Hear from expert industry speakers

The seminar will feature talks from a panel of industry experts, giving you the chance to discover how prepared the Swedish transport sector is for a shift to greener aviation, and to learn about the latest advancements in sustainability. From airlines and airports to engineering and fuel, our expert speakers will look at the issue from all angles, discussing the exciting developments and challenges faced by the industry.

Talks will include topics such as the latest airline initiatives, technology advancements such as electric flight, and airport sustainability considerations. On top of this, speakers will also cover fossil-free flight with hydrogen, producing renewable jet fuel, and the energy industry as an enabler for sustainable aviation.

How to register

The Aviation Sustainability Seminar is open to SAG members and non-members in the aviation industry. As well as the speaker panel, the event will also include refreshments and opportunities for networking.

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The event is free to attend, but places are limited so lack of attendance after registration will incur a fee.

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