The Future of Aviation and Infrastructure

September 13 2023, 13:00 to 18:00
At Sweco’s premesis Gjörwellsgatan 22 in Stockholm

The future of aviation

Swedish Aviation Group’s seminar on the topic ‘the Future of aviation and infrastructure’, held on September 13, gave some 60 industry attendees the opportunity to listen and interact with input from eight industry speakers covering politics, new technology, energy, operators and regulations.

Thanks go to all the speakers for their time, and Sweco for holding the event at its Stockholm headquarters.

Read more about the topics discussed by the expert industry speakers in our recent seminar summary article here >.

Navigating the Ever-Evolving Landscape of Aviation and Infrastructure

The Swedish Aviation Group is hosting a complimentary* seminar focused on the future of aviation and infrastructure. The event will be held on September 13 2023, 13:00 to 18:00 at Sweco’s premesis Gjörwellsgatan 22 in Stockholm. The seminar brings together speakers and specialists from across the industry.

Subject areas will include electrical flight news and knowledge around: Making electric regional aviation a reality, new sustainable travel opportunities, system readiness, what it means for a regional airport and more.

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Aviation Seminar

Event Agenda & Industry Speakers

Event welcome by Maria Wall Petrini, Chairman of SAG. Followed by seven industry speakers.
Moderated and summarised by Niclas Härenstam from Sjöfartsverket. The presentations will be held in Swedish.

Johan Davidson

Johan Davidson
State Secretary to the Minister for Infrastructure and Housing

How can we prepare for take-off? The government’s view on electric aviation


Fredrik Kämpfe

Fredrik Kämpfe
Director Industry Affairs

Introduction to electric flight – system readiness


Christoffer Levandowski

Christoffer Levandowski
Head of R&D

Making electric regional aviation a reality

Heart Aerospace AB

Gustav Borgefalk

Gustav Borgefalk

Electric Aviation – new logic, new opportunities

Katla AB

Magnus Berg

Magnus Berg

Opportunities and challenges with the electrification of the aviation sector


Ingrid Cherfils

Ingrid Cherfils
Director Strategic Development & Management

How can the authorities contribute to future aviation?


Henrik Littorin

Henrik Littorin
ELIS Program Manager

Electric flight – what does it mean for a regional airport

Skellefteå Flygplats

Lars Resare

Lars Resare
Head of Sustainability

Electrical flight opens new sustainable travel opportunities


Niclas Härenstam

Niclas Härenstam
Communications Director

Seminar moderator



A coffee break will be held part way through the presentations, and a light food serving will be provided at the end of the presentations for a networking opportunity.

Event details:


Aviation Seminar

Open to members and non-members within the aviation industry.

Aviation Seminar Networking

Networking coffee break and light food provided.

Aviation Seminar

The event is free to attend, but lack of attendance after registration will incur a fee*

Please register to attend the event by completing the below form.

    *Please note that if you register for the event but do not attend without informing us your business will be invoiced 500 SEK to cover costs incurred. As a non-for-profit organisation it is important for us to maximise engagement from the industry considering the high level of speakers in attendance. Your support is appreciated.

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