About Swedish Aviation Group

The Swedish Aviation Group (SAG) was created to represent, support and promote the Swedish aviation industry within the international aviation market to develop export business. Key aims for SAG are to drive international industry connections through online presence, exhibition attendance, networking events and knowledge share – to help the Swedish aviation industry develop their international business through joint promotional activities across a portfolio of communications and activities.

The Swedish Aviation Group (SAG) is a not-for-profit organisation run by an annually voted board that come from SAG membership.

Key Missions for SAG

Fund Utilisation

As a not-for-profit organisation funding raised through membership, partnership, sponsorship and advertising is reinvested directly into the promotion of Swedish Aviation Group members and the Swedish aviation industry as a whole. We source our members opinions and needs to ensure funds are used in areas that fit their business aims.

Core networking and knowledge share events are included within the cost of membership, where we need to reach out to members for further optional funding is related to larger exhibitions or marketing activities. As a larger event sponsor, you would receive increased visual exposure and access.

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SAG Board Members

Maria Wall Petrini
Lars-Åke Ottoson
Linda Harryson
Natanael Ljung
Thomas Nord
Urban Enström
Sune Larsson