Our vision

The Swedish Aviation Group (SAG) is the leading organization for export-oriented collaboration between Swedish enterprises selling products and services to clients in the global aviation industry.

Our mission

The Swedish Aviation Group contributes to the export successes of its member companies.

How we support our members

SAG strives to contribute to the export successes of its member companies by:

Becoming a member

Companies with the aim of developing their export towards a global aviation industry and with a connection to the Scandinavian countries are welcome to join. The cost is 7 500 SEK per year, which includes all member activities during the year.

Please contact us to get more information about how to join SAG.

Benefits by joining SAG


The SAG Board is elected once a year for one year at a time. The board members are coming from the member companies and are representing SAG in all matters concerning the management of SAG.

Maria Wall-Petrini
Lars-Åke Ottoson
Linda Harryson
Natanael Ljung
Thomas Nord
Urban Enström
Sune Larsson