Textron GSE

Textron GSE is a global provider of GSE equipment.

Textron Sweden is a leading provider of one-person operated aircraft deicers under the brand Safeaero with its offices and production facilities in Trelleborg, Sweden.
We deliver aircraft deicing solutions to customers including deicers, deicing coordination systems and deicing simulators.
The one-person operated deicers, the Safeaero 220 series, are purposely-built to be efficient and user-friendly. Our clients operate at some of the busiest and most deicing intensive airports in Europe such as Amsterdam (AMS), Oslo (OSL), Helsinki (HEL), Copenhagen (CPH) and Vienna (VIE). Clients emphasize the ease of use and effectiveness of our deicers, reduced time of deicing operations, and glycol savings of up to 50%.

Contact Data
Lars-Gunnar Nilsson, Managing Director
Tel: +46 410 140 50
Email: lnilsson@textron.com
Website: textrongse.com